Flags of the Centennial Legion

The Eutaw Flag was the first Centennial Legion flag. It was originally carried by Colonel William Washington, an outstanding hero of the Revolutionary War, during his campaigns in the South against the British. It was presented to him by his fiancée. Learning that his army did not have a flag, she cut a piece of fabric from a drapery and exclaimed: “Take this as your flag!” It was later assigned by Mrs. Washington to the Washington Light Infantry of Charleston, S.C. on April 19, 1827 and has been its principal Color since that time. The shade of the flag is a crimson damask and it is not quite square in shape. This flag has seen service with the WLI since 1827.  

CLHMC Resolution Passed January 30, 1937

“It appears that the Eutaw Flag, of Revolutionary War fame, was originally adopted as the official colors of the Centennial Legion and in fact was carried by Captain Flint in two parades, but it is such a valuable relic that it cannot be used without risk, and the cost of reproducing some sixty copies being prohibitive, and inasmuch as 58 silk replicas of the Washington Headquarters Flag were presented to the Legion members at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, on June 15, 1926, the following Resolution was offered by Col. Musgrave, duly seconded and adopted.

RESOLVED: with due veneration and respect for the Eutaw Flag, having in mind the impracticability of its use only, that the former actions of the Legion in adopting it as the official colors of the Legion, be at the same time is hereby rescinded: and be it further-

RESOLVED: that the replica of the Washington Headquarters Flag, presented at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania on June 15, 1926, be and the same is hereby officially adopted as the colors of the Legion.

WashingtonHQThis Flag (blue background with white stars) is similar to the George Washington Headquarters Flag presented to the Centennial Legion at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, one June 15, 1926. It was given to each of the several early American military organizations that attended the Sesquicentennial Celebration that year in Philadelphia and at Valley Forge. The flag is now carried by all Legion member units.


The flag was designed by Past Commander COL Everett H. Kandarian. An artist friend did the design work and was approved in 1975 by the Centennial Legion directors. It was presented to the Centennial Legion at a banquet in Valley Forge, PA during the country’s Bicentennial celebration. Commander BG James E. Clair was the first to carry it. The flag is carried or is present as the Commander’s Colors at military events.