Annual Meeting

82nd Annual Meeting will be held in Fayetteville, NC from Nov. 2-4. 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Centennial Legion,
The Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry Company (1793), a charter member of the Centennial Legion of Historic Military Commands, is honored to host the 82nd Annual Meeting in the Old North State. We look forward to extending our southern hospitality to our many friends representing the historic military commands from the 13 original colonies.
The officers, non-commissioned officers, and men of the “Grand Ole Company” have worked hard to plan a memorable event, which blends the rich history of this colonial port city with the most elite military units stationed at Fort Bragg. Our Hospitality Room will be open Thursday morning with registration and an open bar with light fare. DowntownThursday evening you will be transported to the Fayetteville’s Downtown Historic District for a reception in the Market House (A National Landmark), followed by dinner on your own at a downtown restaurant that we have reserved for after the reception. Once back at the Holiday Inn the Hospitality Room will be open for your enjoyment. Friday morning after breakfast we will load the Centennial Legion members on one bus and the spouses on another bus. Legion members will be transported to the F.I.L.I. Armory for the Legion Business Meeting and Commanders Meeting followed by an impressive tour of our elite Special Forces units and other sites on Fort Bragg. The spouses will take in some historic sites in Fayetteville, and then travel to the National Landmark community of Pinehurst Village, with lunch at the famous Carolina Inn. Fort Bragg will only be able to accommodate one bus load of personnel, so the military tour will be limited to Centennial Legion members only.  After the tours, Legion members and spouses will enjoy a little downtime to gather in the Hospitality Room. The Friday evening event involves music and an old fashioned southern supper on the grounds of the National Register properties at Heritage Square. Later Friday night the Hospitality Room will again be open with our full-service bar, and light fare. Saturday is a busy day with an early morning start. Centennial Legion members and guests will be transported to the North Carolina Veterans Park for the parade and change-of-command ceremony, and at 1000 hours the Legion units will lead the Fayetteville Veterans Day Parade. After the parade Legion members and spouses will tour the world class United States Army Airborne and Special Operations Museum. At the end of the tour, everyone will be transported to the F.I.L.I. Armory for a reception followed by lunch on your own at Huske Hardware and Brewery. Once back at the Holiday Inn, you can enjoy a little down time or socialize in the Hospitality Room. A pre-banquet reception will be hosted poolside (indoor) at the Holiday Inn, followed by the banquet.
After the banquet take the opportunity to say goodbye to old friends at the Hospitality Room, which will remain open until the last man is standing. This is a basic overview, further details concerning each of these events will be featured in upcoming emails. There are a few surprises that will remain a secret.
Please refer to the 2017 RegistrationForm-Fayetteville for registration information, and 2017 Banquet Brochure Ad Request-FILI for Program Advertisement opportunities and send them in as soon as possible.  Additional information regarding this event as well as copies of the registration and program advertisement forms may be found at
It is our responsibility to insure that your stay in Fayetteville is both enjoyable and memorable. If you have any concerns or problems, feel free to contact me anytime at work (910) 433.1457 or home (910) 483.9335.
Major Bruce J. Daws



Dear Member Units:

It is with a great deal of pride that we welcome our brothers in the CLHMC to Fayetteville N.C. the home of Fort Bragg. You will experience the charm of this ancient colonial city that was established as an inland port at the head of navigation on the Cape Fear River. The old will be blended with the new as you tour the Special Forces facilities at Fort Bragg and explore the world class Airborne and Special Operations Museum. The Officers and Men of the Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry will be working hard to insure that your stay is both enjoyable and memorable. If you have any concerns please contact me anytime at work; 910.433.1417 or home; 910. 483.9335.

The attached flyer (click above and shown below) outlines many of the events that you will experience when you attend this year’s meeting.
Major Bruce J. Daws

Fellow Centennial Legion Members,
As you know the Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry Company will be hosting the CLHMC Annual Meeting in November. We are currently designing a full color program which will document in words and pictures the various functions and activities that you will be experience while attending the 82nd Annual Meeting. This well illustrated program will serve as a lasting memento of your stay in Fayetteville. The only noteworthy item missing from the program is your personal or unit advertisement. Please find attached a price listing for advertisements. Don’t miss the opportunity to be represented in the official program.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime by email or telephone:
                WORK:                  910.433.1457
                HOME:                  910.483.9335
Major Bruce J. Daws, Commanding




As promised, below is the information on lodging for the 2017 Annual CLHMC Meeting to be held in Fayetteville, North Carolina, 2-3-&4 November: 

PHONE: 910.323.1600
FAX: 910.323.2657
The HOLIDAY INN is just off of Interstate I-95 at Exit 49. 
Holiady Inn
Room rates are $92.00 a night, which includes a full hot buffet breakfast for two adults per room. The cut-off date for accepting reservations into this block is 18 October 2017. Your check-in time is 3:00 p.m. and the check-out time is 11:00 a.m. When calling in your reservation please mention the group code CLH and let them know you’re with the Centennial Legion.
If you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate contacting us by email or phone (, 910.433.1457 or 910.337.8992). Our job is to insure that all Centennial Legion members have a good experience during your stay in Fayetteville.
Major Bruce J. Daws