Commander’s Medal

The medal was authorized when CPT Harry A. Burr was Commander. He and later Commanders have received it following installation to office, generally at the Old Guard Ball in New York city. The Commander has a “COMMANDER” bar on his ribbon; Past Commanders wear it also, without the title of Commander on the ribbon.

Commander’s Gavel

This gavel was presented by the Past Commanders to Commander Peter J. Sposito in 1992 for use by him and all future Commanders thereafter. The command changes when the gavel is passed.

Below are some of the medals that have been issued by the Centennial Legion since 1876. The first one in the top row is supposedly the first medal from 1876. The one on the right end in the front row is the current Centennial Legion medal.
Medal1   Medal2      Medal3

The medal photos below are courtesy of Sumner Hunnewell:
1956 Medal Front1951 Medal Back 1956 Medal Front1956 Medal Back                                         1951 Medal                                                                                     1956 Medal

              1958 Medal Front1958 Medal Back                      1961 Medal Front1961 Medal Back
                                                1958 Medal                                                                                                 1961 Medal

                                                             Medal Front  
                                                                                                   Unknown age medal

Ribbon Bar

Passed January 26, 1946 – “While there are 13 stars on the ribbon attached to the medal it is manifestly impossible to get so many on the Ribbon Bar, so there are but three on it, one for each century of the American Military. This was duly seconded and passed.”

Challenge Coin