*1st Regiment – Connecticut Militia (HQ, 1st BN, 169th Infantry) “1672”*

*Regiment of Fairfield County (2nd BN , 192nd FA , CTANG) “1672” *

*Second Connecticut Regiment of Militia (102nd Infantry) “1739” *

*First Company Governor’s Foot Guard “1771”*

*Second Company Governor’s Foot Guard “1775”*

*Sheldon’s Horse, 2nd Continental Light Dragoons “1776”*

*Connecticut 6th Regiment, Continental Line “1777”*

*First Company Governor’s Horse Guard “1788”*

*Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard “1808”*

*New Haven Grays, Company HHC, 1BN, 102nd Infantry, CTANG “1816”*

*Putnam Phalanx “1858”*

*First Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Cavalry, Inc. “1861”*