The Centennial Legion was organized on July 4 , 1876 , in Philadelphia , at the Centennial Celebration of our nation. ( see our history page for more )
One of its purposes is to carry on the patriotic motives of the military commands of the thirteen original colonies.

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LTC Peter A. Wasilewski Scholarship

"Patriotism" is an unfailing love of country , loyalty to its institutions and ideals ; eagerness to defend it against all enemies ; undivided allegiance to the flag and a desire to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and posterity.


The purposes of the Legion is to carry on the original motives of the military commands of the thirteen original colonies , who , on July 4 , 1876 , at the Centennial at Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , organized the Centennial Legion to perpetuate the military organizations who served and protected our country in the early days of its history prior to , during and subsequent to the Revolutionary War , and to unite together such military commands as shall exist , or their successors , in one body , pledged to keep alive their ancient traditions and to preserve the records of their military achievements ; to foster patriotism , encourage National Defense , and aid in upholding the national institutions of the United States in their integrity ; to keep alive a spirit of fraternity and benevolence among the armed forces of the United States ; to incubate respect for its flag and constitution , and obedience to constituted authority ; to recognize and honor all citizens who have served or are serving in any branch of the Armed or Military Services or Reserves of the several States or of the United States ; to uphold allegiance to the United States of America and to defend the same against all enemies , foreign or domestic.